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Episode 2 - Hon Clare Curran speaking at the IT Professionals of NZ

Length: 48min 15sec
Published 20-Nov-2017 by Adrian K

The Hon Clare Curran MP (Labour), speaking at a special IT Professionals NZ (ITP) event held last night (20 Nov 2017), introduced by ITP CEO Paul Matthews.

Clare is the Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media and Government Digital Services; and Associate Minister for ACC and of State Services (Open Government). Her Twitter handle is @clarecurranmp

The "Future of Work" report she mentions can be found at

Our thanks to Clare and the ITP for allowing us to record this event.

The IT Professionals NZ website can be found at

Episode 1 - Product Architecture with Waylon Kenning

Length: 37min 6sec
Published 29-Oct-2017 by Adrian K

In this episode we talk with Waylon Kenning about product architecture, cloud adoption, finding value in architecture, and discuss paths into architecture: can graduates become good architects?

37 minutes, recorded 16 October 2017

Episode 0 - Introduction to the WSAF and Podcast Channel

Length: 4min 32sec
Published 29-Oct-2017 by Adrian K

The WSAF is a grass-roots community for anyone who practices in, or is interested in, IT & digital architecture. Geographically we are centred in Wellington, New Zealand; but we are happy to provide an extended community to everyone, regardless of location.

Our aim is to create a community where people can engage to learn more about what good architecture is, why it is needed and how to be better at it. We want the WSAF to be a place where architects can connect with each other, and grow their personal networks, and support each other professionally. As a community, we want to foster the professional development of all architects, including experienced practicing architects, those who are new to architecture, and anyone considering moving into architecture. Through participation in the WSAF, we hope that our members can create more effective solutions for their customers, and increase the visibility of the value of good architecture – and good architects. Although we have a bias towards solution architecture, we are happy to include all forms of IT & digital architecture. After all, as an architect you often need to work across disciplines, or work at different levels of abstraction.

Our goal is for the podcasts to reflect this diversity.

In terms of who - we’ll be interviewing and having discussions with people in the community – not just architects, but people who are part of what we do, including CIO’s, agile coaches and more. If you think you know of someone that might help make an excellent podcast, let us know.

In terms of what, we’ll be covering:

  1. Methods – or how to “do” architecture, i.e. technical skills and techniques. As a general rule, we’ll try to focus on the practical aspects, and less about the theory.
  2. We’ll also cover non-technical skills and soft-skills – such as how to influence and engage.
  3. All domains are on the table: software and applications, infrastructure, data, integration, security and so on.
  4. We will also cover specific areas of interest, such as agile, the cloud, design thinking and digital.

In terms of format, we’ll be aiming for around 30 minutes per episode. In terms of frequency – well we’ll just need to wait and see. After all this is a purely voluntary endeavour and we all have day jobs. But hopefully we can put out a podcast every month, although they may appear at slightly random frequency. To access the podcasts – for now they’ll be posted on our website WSAF.NZ. There’s an RSS feed for the podcasts that you can subscribe too. In addition to this we’ll submit the feed to Apple so that you can access them through iTunes. If there are other ways that you’d like to access the podcasts, please let us know.

To Contact us, visit us at WSAF.NZ and go to the contact page.